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is available to conduct Feng shui Workshops and Seminars with 'passion' on Feng shui.

You can bring MARIA HUSSAIN to your workplace, organization or club group to conduct Feng shui workshops and seminars customized for your group. These sessions range from one-hour key note speeches, 'Munch n Learn' Workshops to half-day or full-day seminars.

Radiating positive energy in ever-expanding circles.

We promote awareness about Feng Shui by giving seminars, talks, workshops etc. on these and other variety of Feng Shui related topics.

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MARIA HUSSAIN also provide articles and make TV and radio appearances,
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The Basic Workshop: An Introduction to Authentic Feng Shui.
This workshop is for beginners. It gives a basic understanding of the philosophy and concepts underlying Feng Shui., how to apply enhancements, work out your best directions, and map out the chi (energy) so it flows in a beneficial way to your living and working environments to create more balance, harmony and productivity.  This workshop can show you ways you can improve your health, wealth, career and relationships.

Feng Shui & Interior Design
This workshop helps you to choose colour, shape and design to create the right atmosphere in your living and working environment. Some colours will energize a room, some drain, some balance and harmonize.

Feng Shui To Create a Healthy Home
An introductory seminar on how we apply the knowledge of Authentic Feng Shui principles to identify domestic health hazards, Spot the symptoms, Sleep in a safe place and create a healthy home in order to balance our wealth, health and relationship.

Feng Shui & Your Bedroom
An introductory fast paced seminar on general guidelines of Authentic Feng Shui principles, in combination of what is in our spirit; things we can do to improve our health, wealth and relationship.

Feng Shui & Your Workplace
This workshop gives you an appreciation of how Feng Shui affects a business or workplace and gives you some simple things you can do to help us better your performance to create a healthy workplace with Feng shui.

Feng Shui in the Garden.
This workshop shows you how to apply Feng Shui principles in your garden, using colours, shapes, direction and time, working with the natural cycles to create a harmonizing environment for your home.

Clutter Clearing with Feng Shui.
This interesting workshop helps us overcome the physical, mental & emotional challenges that are associated with clutter, how clutter affects us, how to deal with clutter and try to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle.


FENG SHUI AND THE YEAR OF YIN WOOD SHEEP 2015 (February 19 2015 - February 7 2016) : What can you expect in the Year of the Wood SHEEP?? The theme of Harmony is strong this year, with an emphasis to go deep within your innermost selves, to listen to your intuition and connect with your emotional wellbeing. It is the right time to nurture and mend wounded, left, undone or disturbed issues in your lives from the chaotic energies of the previous years. Call on MARIA HUSSAIN to fix up an appointment to discuss the presence of auspicious and inauspicious Qi (chi) in your home/business during 2015 and with this knowledge implement changes in yourself and your living space to benefit from the most auspicious energy and get set to achieve all the goals you have set for the year.


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