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From The desk of MARIA HUSSAIN …….

'Feng shui is my passion. It has literally enhanced my life. And I am sure; it can
enhance yours, too! Come; let me share my knowledge and experience with
you; so that you can feel the difference….'


Maria Hussain, a Mumbai based Feng shui practitioner and instructor, is serious about helping people use Feng shui correctly in order to bring about positive changes in their lives. Founder of Blue Heaven Centre, her interest in Feng Shui arose 12 years back. With extensive reading on this subject, she started off with Basic Feng Shui training locally. Very dissatisfied with the misconceptions and misinformation about Feng Shui; and with a burning desire to study Authentic Feng shui, she decided to enhance her skills and knowledge further. She followed her heart and travelled all the way to Malaysia to study Authentic Classical Feng Shui at the world-renowned Yap Cheng Hai Academy in Kuala Lampur. She counts herself fortunate and blessed to have studied under the direct lineage of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai who is considered to be one of the great Feng shui Masters in the world.

Maria Hussain is well versed in many areas of Feng shui including Pa-chai (Eight Mansions), San He, San Yuan, Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars). Besides Feng Shui studies, she has studied dowsing, numerology and graphology too. She has successfully applied her knowledge both at home and in her garment export business. Seeing radical improvement and armed with firsthand experience, she decided to enhance the lives of others. She cares about her clients and their lives.

A positive thinker and a highly motivated speaker, she works with her gut feeling, intuition and logic. She values and respects each clients' confidentiality; thereby building a MOUNTAIN OF TRUST! Her sincerity, dedication, perseverance and professionalism convince you of her commitment into setting up Blue Heaven Centre.


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