Feng Shui Course  (Module II)

Module II is designed as the 'next step' in the Feng Shui process. This course is best appreciated by individuals who have attended Module I. After implementing the teachings of Feng Shui in Module I in your daily life, with Module II we go into more detailed and advanced techniques classical Feng Shui.

Begin to exercise your ability to control the effects of energy in your everyday environment. Bring your floor plan so you can put into practice the lessons of the preceding course. Analyze the quality of annual energies currently affecting your home and manipulate it to your advantage.

Learn about the Internal and External Environments. Learn how to understand and apply the Xuan Kong method of Feng Shui.


Prerequisite :
Successful completion of module I.


All courses are certified by Blue Heaven Centre.
Writing Material / Course manual will be provided to all the students.
Energized Feng Shui compass.
A certificate of attendance will be given at the completion of each course.

Experience first-hand how these courses help you!
And transform your life.

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