Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (correctly pronounced “Foong Shway”) literally translated as wind (Feng) and water (shui)is an ancient Chinese art and science which spans back some 3,000 years. These two natural elements that is necessary for our survival flows and moves everywhere on Earth and in the Universe.  Wind and water carry Chi, our energy or life force.

Feng shui is the practice of arranging your environment in both a balanced and harmonious way in order to align yourselves in accordance with the energies of where you live and work to bring harmony and prosperity into your life.

Why Feng Shui? What can Feng Shui do for me?

Your surroundings exert a huge influence on your life. They affect your personal health, happiness and wealth and have a direct bearing on the opportunities that come to you. If Feng Shui is practiced correctly, it can be life changing. The proper application of Feng Shui principles creates an environment with improved energy flow to support you and your goals and to enrich your personal life and environment.

Specifically, Feng Shui can provide you with a balance in your life that is deeply rooted in the heart of your home. If you are seeking a positive change in your life or situation, then Feng Shui may be the answer for you. By incorporating Feng Shui principles into your life and surroundings you can enhance your flow of chi. As a result you will enjoy greater happiness, better health, create or strengthen relationships and attain richer rewards in every aspect of your life.

Is Feng Shui a religion or a superstition?

No. Feng Shui has no religious background nor is it related to any belief system. In essence, it is a blend of science, art and philosophy, with a healthy dose of practical common sense. The effect of Feng Shui allows you to harmonize and create a balance in your surroundings and in turn, helps you support and empower your personal life.

What is CH'I?

Ch'i is  an invisible life force or energy and it is always around us. Allowing ch'i to stagnate or become clogged will manifest itself somewhere in your life. You want to capture good ch'i and enable it to meander throughout your house, your landscape, your office, your business ... wherever you are... to nurture you and enable you to deal with life issues more easily.

The objective of feng shui is to capture good ch'i and to keep it alive and fresh. How many times have you walked into a room or a house and felt completely comfortable and at ease? Environments like this have excellent ch'i. Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and felt heaviness in the air? Ch'i is absorbed into everything in our environment and you can feel the negativity when it is there.

What is a good time for a consultation?
  • When there is any change in your life circumstances such as your home, business, relationship, health or finances.
  • When you are feeling uncomfortable, uneasy or just plain stuck.
  • To relieve conflicts and tap into a greater energy.
  • Before you build, remodel, purchase or sell a home or business.
  • When you move into a new home, start or end a relationship, start a business or change careers.
  • Real Estate pre-purchase Inspection and Preparation of a home for quick sale.
How long does a consultation take?

Every client is unique, and no two consultations are the same. The time needed is based on what the client's goals and needs are, how large the space is, what needs to be accomplished and the severity of the problem or issue. Residential appointments generally take anywhere from an hour to four hours depending on what needs to be done. Commercial and landscape appointments vary greatly. Contact MARIA HUSSAIN regarding your specific needs.


How is a Classical Feng Shui reading done?

MARIA HUSSAIN always uses a Lou Pan (Compass) to determine the energetic characteristics of a building and its resultant effects on its occupants. Calculations are done according to the basic principles, recommendations are made where necessary.   

Do I need to make expensive corrections like knocking out walls, remodeling or purchasing new furniture and accessories to have effective Feng Shui in my home or business?

Absolutely not!  All recommendations to rearrange your furniture to improve the energy flow in your home and to correct imbalances are made which are neither costly nor elaborate. Generally expensive adjustments are not required.

Will my consultation and the information I share with you be kept confidential?
Yes. Not only is the information we share or discuss kept in strictest confidence, the fact that you hired a consultant is also kept secret.
Can I speak to some of your existing clients or at least see who you've worked with?
You will appreciate that we do not publish any of our client list nor do we share the names of our clients with others in order to protect their privacy and confidentiality.
Can Feng Shui or a Feng Shui Practitioner provide guarantees?
No. Feng Shui does not provide guarantees. A Feng Shui practitioner provides you with the best energy flow to support the goals you are attempting to achieve.
Can I have other family members or friends present during the consultation?

Yes, you can. However, sometimes we do discuss and work on personal issues that you may not wish to share with others. If you're comfortable with sharing that type of information with them, then it is ok to have them present.

How long will it take to see results?

Some clients experience changes quickly, others take longer. After the consultation, you'll begin to notice a positive shift in the energy of your environment. Some people begin to experience amazing results the following day. For others, it may take longer depending on the issue at hand. It also depends on the time frame that you implement the suggestions and remedies that were provided during the consultation. Clients who implement recommendations as specified immediately realize quicker results.

What if I have questions after my consultation?
You may call or email MARIA HUSSAIN any time after the consultation with any questions or concerns regarding the consultation. Follow-up information will be provided without charge if no physical visit is required.
Do I need to clean my home before an on-site consultation?
This is a common question and the answer is no. We would like to see how you work with and in your space on a daily basis. If you clean your home and tuck everything away only to have them return in the following days, then it won't be a true representation of how you use and interact with your space.
Will I have to place Chinese items in my home, office or business?

No. Classical Feng Shui is based in physics not Folk Lore. There is no need to emulate any culture to achieve results.

Why is it important to clear up clutter?

Clutter in Feng Shui represents stagnant or negative energy.  It blocks the smooth flow of Chi throughout your home, office or business, slows it down or in some cases, stagnates.  A cluttered home, office or desk will energetically weigh you down, cause you to have difficulty making decisions, stop new opportunities from coming into your life, and cause you to live in the past. Clear out that clutter!

There is not only the physical aspect of the clutter, but also a mental aspect. Clearing out clutter is also good for your mind. You know how good you feel when you clean out your closet or reorganize your desk? Getting rid of junk will give both you and the space you cleared revitalized energy.

Does MARIA HUSSAIN teach classes on Classical Feng Shui? How do I arrange a Feng Shui consult?
Yes. Blue Heaven Centre regularly conducts on Classical Feng Shui Feng Shui courses at the Centre. These courses will be taught personally by MARIA HUSSAIN. She even tailors these courses at your convenient time, if possible and she can accommodate any size group. She also offers expert advice and on-site /off-site Feng Shui consultations that guide you to your goals to optimize your home or work place. Backed by professional qualifications and a business background, MARIA HUSSAIN enables you to apply Authentic Feng Shui principles in an informative and practical manner.

If we have not answered your questions on this website, please contact us. Thank you.

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