Clutter Clearing Course
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Learn to clear your clutter with Feng Shui...

Are you overwhelmed with all of your 'stuff'?
Are you suffering from clutter?
Are you feeling 'stuck'?
Are you ready to clean up and clear out?

Then this course is for YOU! Come; learn to recognize clutter and keep free from it..

Course Covers
Meaning of Clutter
Clutter and Qi
Different types of clutter
Hidden messages of clutter
Locating clutter using BAGUA
Evaluating clutter using BAGUA
De-cluttering step by step
Aids and tips to help de-cluttering process
Staying Clutter Free

All courses are certified by Blue Heaven Centre.
Writing Material / Course manual will be provided to all the students.
Energized Feng Shui compass.
A certificate of attendance will be given at the completion of each course.

Experience first-hand how these courses help you!
ENROL TODAY And transform your life.

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